Vital Paediatrics

Vital Paediatrics

Is your child walking the walk, talking the talk

and grabbing the world with both hands?


Our Vital Paediatrics service can assist your child through a range of interventions coordinated by our Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist.  If you have any concerns about the stage of your child’s development, we can screen them for neurodevelopment and milestones.

  • Maybe your child doesn’t seem to have the same level of communication or understanding as the other kids in their class or you are facing challenges with their eating and drinking?
  • Perhaps your child is not quite grasping the concept of basic everyday activities?
  • Possibly you are concerned about a Saturday morning sports injury or that your child seems to be a little bit clumsy?
  • Do you have a feeling something is just not quite right?

We can help!  We have a team of allied health professionals who have an interest area in paediatrics and work together to ensure your child is supported holistically in their needs.  Download the information sheets to find out more about how each professional can help your child.

We also provide language and literacy homework services through the Literacy Attention and Understanding Group for Homework (LAUGH) program.

Contact Vital Health for more information or to make an appointment.