The Perfect Gift Idea for the Kids!

Christmas is just around the corner! Are the years truly getting faster or is that just something that happens with age? Christmas is a time when every parent or carer (myself included) jumps into gift giving mode; worrying about getting the right present for their children – something the kids will love but also something that they need. For those

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“She’ll be right” or maybe she won’t… is period pain normal?

Do you know someone who experiences intense pain during menstruation? It wouldn’t surprise me if you did… Not that long ago, I was treating a client in Kingaroy who confided in me about some concerns she had for her teenage daughter who had been experiencing extremely painful and debilitating periods; frequently missing school and other activities due to her pain.

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Powerful Foods for Gut Health

Every single one of us has a unique jungle of good bacteria in our guts, called our gut’s microbiome, which is responsible for breaking down and processing our food, regulating our immune system and producing certain vitamins such as vitamin B vitamins B12, thiamine and riboflavin, and Vitamin K. There is also evidence suggesting the health of our microbiome has

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Christmas Lunch: Four Nutrition Tips from a Dietitian

Article by William Best, Dietitian at Vital Health Kingaroy Many of us have been trying to make conscious food choices throughout 2021. After some lockdown blues and comforting snack choices when feeling isolated, we may be having a few reservations about the abundance of ‘sometimes foods’ at the multiple parties and gatherings during the holiday season. While eating healthy is

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Top Five Questions about Psychology

We have well and truly entered the second decade of the 21st Century and yet, for many of us wandering the streets of Charleville and Augathella, we still have questions about what Psychology is and why it is important. Since it is Mental Health Week, I thought it would be appropriate to give you my top five questions I have

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